Privacy policy

The "Advanced React" website itself does not collect or store any private personal information.

It physically can't, it's a static website, just a collection of HTML pages. It doesn't have any backend to connect to or store anything, even if it wanted to. It doesn't show ads, and doesn't store any information in cookies either.

It does, however, use a few third-party services that store some of the information. All the services are used only for the purpose of improving readers' experience on the website.

Email subscription

The website uses ConvertKit to collect user's name and email address in order to set up email subscription functionality. Only the website owner has access to this information. The information is collected solely for the purpose of providing blog updates to the subscribers. Everyone can unsubscribe at anytime. You can see ConvertKit's privacy policy in more detail here.


The website uses analytics to collect minimal data like page visits or number of clicks on some buttons. It uses Fathom analytics service for that, it's an alternative to google analytics that is "Privacy-focused without compromise". They don't use cookie and are also GDPR compliant. You can see their privacy policy in more detail here.

If there is a need to get in touch, here is the email: